Large Silvertip Red Fir Branches – 5 Decorating Ideas

Large Silvertip Red Fir Branches – 5 Decorating Ideas

I love the large silvertip red fir branches. They have the signature silver bark are often peppered with the scars of needles long lost. They make an excellent accent indoor and outdoor. I’d like to share five of my favorites ways to decorate using large silvertip red fir branches. I’ve borrowed a few ideas  along the way and have had plenty of inspiration from the forest and our native mountain culture.

Rustic Pale

Take several branches of varying lengths (between 3-4 ft) and place them in a rusted pale. Arrange them in way that appears random as if in nature. Add a few natural accents to the arrangement. I love to add several large sugar pine cones and a few western white pine cones. This piece is best displayed outdoors near an entryway. It will catch the eye and pull you in. Welcome home.

The Bundle of Sticks

This next idea is perfect for the fireplace. Take four large silvertip red fir banches and cut the individual pieces into thirds (12-16″ long pieces).  Bundle the sticks together and using a manila rope, tie the ends. You can alternatively using a single length of rope and just tie off the middle of the bundle. Either way gives the appearance of a bundle of firewood gathered from the forest.


Lay a single large red fir branch or multiple on your mantel. Add accents like pine cones, moss, minerals and fresh greens to give your mantel a natural mountain look. Simple!


Even simpler is to take several large silvertip red fir banches and place them upright against a wall. Add accents around the base or keep things minimal. This is perfect for breaking up an open wall and giving it a focal point.

Deck of Logs

Make a miniature deck of logs by cutting the large silvertip red fir banches into thirds. Stack them neatly on a tabletop as an accent or part of centerpiece. This also looks great next to the fireplace and next to an entryway.

Large silvertip red fir branches are great for holiday decor or for a year round accent.

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