Silvertips are the right trees for your business, project, or event
Care and quality is our top priority

You will get the highest quality trees we offer and special care is given to each and every one. We can supply trees up to 15 feet.

Our certified tree farm encompasses over 23 million square feet and is home to tens of thousands of potential Christmas trees.

Following sustainable reforestation practices, we will always have a supply of Silvertip Christmas trees for many years to come.

You can feel good about purchasing Christmas trees from us because not only are you getting a great tree but because you are also promoting a healthy forest.

We provide special care and attention to all cut trees. Upon arrival to our lot, all trees are given fresh cuts and then placed directly into water. We do not bundle the trees until shipping time or before pick up (if requested).

  • Trees up to 15'
  • Hand selected to your specification
  • California fire retardant certified
  • Special delivery available
  • Other products such as greens and wreaths available for large orders
Amazing Businesses we have supplied with our beautiful trees
  • Las Vegas Casinos
  • Pottery Barn (Magazine)
  • Martha Stewart Living (Magazine)
  • Sundance (Video)
  • ABC Studios (featured on Brothers and Sisters)
  • OLY Atelier New York, Ny
  • Lux Salon Fullerton CA
  • Two's Company
  • Fossil New York
We have also supplied Green Set Inc. which used our trees in a commercial.