We found Silvertip tree farm through Wynn Las Vegas, we were fascinated by the design and story of their head horticulturist visiting the property to hand pick the trees for the casino. We fell in love with this idea for our large home tree and our salon spa trees. The Silvertip is such a hearty less is more tree that endures for a long time after cut so it enables us to make a traditional amazing journey of traveling up early November, visiting Yosemite, 4x4 up to the property, having lunch, hiking, enjoying the stunning views, hand picking and cutting our 5+ trees. This is a family farm and the Hopkins family have become our family. Their care for their farm, the earth and their customer is the cherry on top. I mean all of it, love you guys and our tradition.
- W

Excellent. I have not had such a beautiful Christmas tree since I lived in California. It arrived within 7 days in excellent condition.
- Margarete T.

The tree arrived very fresh. The tree is as close to perfect as you can expect anything in nature. They included (at my request) some extra branches to fill in any holes - they're none to fill. Excellent and worth the rather high price.
- Hank S.

Loving our Red Fir Christmas tree from Silvertip Tree Farm. Sue sure did a great job decorating it! After years dreaming of living here in the Sierra, and of a tree like this, we are finally enjoying our first Christmas in our new home.
- Jim G.

O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches... except for the ones at the very bottom that have no ornaments because of the two children that would very much like to know exactly what they taste like...
- Michelle B.